We partner with Kolkata Sanved to help victims of human trafficking recover through yoga and dance.

The organization runs 2 rescue centers and girls homes in India that focus on housing vulnerable girls coming from trafficking situations or loss of parents. There are over 100 girls at each center.

There are drop-in centers located throughout Kolkata and there are 15 centers with an average of 20 vulnerable children showing up each day. These support kids whose families are living on the streets and work to keep them in school, out of trouble, well fed, and healthy while the parents work.

There is traditional dance support with a group in Bolpur (near Kolkata). This program works to train the local dancers, equip them with dance costumes, and create a market for their services when tourists visit.

Dance and yoga programs are used as a means of rehabilitation for vulnerable children, a creative outlet to channel energy and trauma, a means of exercise, and a way to preserve local culture and tradition. The dance teams often perform at local competitions and score very high! Every time you purchase from ProMotion, we are proud to donate 5% of your purchase to help these young vulnerable children.